Q3 2015 Commentary

By Affinity | Oct 20, 2015

The decline in the stock market reflected concerns about both real and imagined threats to the US economy and corporate profits. Among those threats was an anticipated 25 basis points increase in the Fed Funds rate. Market participants have been waiting for this modest rate increase for more than a year. Each time it appears…

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Q2 2015 Commentary

By Affinity | Sep 1, 2015

The puzzling economic data for the first quarter weighed on the market. Almost six years after the beginning of the economic recovery following the last recession, real GDP declined. This pattern of growth is unusual, and called into question the viability of the current economic recovery. Economic growth is expected to resume in the second…

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Q1 2015 Commentary

By Affinity | May 8, 2015

The market managed a small advance in the first quarter in the face of reduced expectations for near term real GDP growth and an anticipated decline in corporate profits in the quarter. With the market’s valuation no longer below average, this new set of expectations was able to impede the market’s progress and increase volatility.…

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Emerging Manager Award Winner 2014

By Affinity | Apr 13, 2015

Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC earns the Mid Cap Manager Of The Year award for it’s annual performance and overall management of its Mid Cap Equity strategy. Awards were given by Emerging Manager Monthly and finalists were selected using a quantitative screening process in conjunction with eVestment.

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Q4 2014 Commentary

By Affinity | Mar 26, 2015

The rise in the stock market was consistent with the continuation of a favorable economic environment and a modest improvement in corporate profits. The growth of real GDP continued into the fourth quarter, albeit at a slower pace than that of the third quarter. Interest rates remained low, inflation was well contained, and it appears…

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Commentary | Q3 2017

By Affinity | Oct 16, 2017

September 30, 2017 – The stock market’s favorable performance reflected rising profits and an improving economic environment which began in the second quarter of 2017. Real growth rose at a rate slightly above 3% in the second quarter, and initial indications are growth continued at a rate above 2% in the third quarter. If economic growth…

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Commentary | June 2017

By Affinity | Aug 4, 2017

Quarterly Commentary The rise in stock prices in the quarter brought the market to a level that is at or near its historic high. While stock prices rose, so did valuations as earnings increases did not keep pace with price increases on average. The market, as measured by almost any broad based index, is now…

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Commentary | March 2017

By Affinity | Apr 12, 2017

Quarterly Commentary The market’s ascent in the first quarter continued a trend that began shortly after the November 2016 election.  Market participants seem to be expecting the implementation of new economic policies designed to produce an increased rate of growth for corporate profits as well as the overall economy. The new favored policies are likely…

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Speaker Event: Clyde Prestowitz, founder and President of the Economic Strategy Institute

By Affinity | Apr 5, 2017

Trade has reemerged as a priority in the current Administration. What is the current state of trade, what does the future look like, and how will it impact the US? Clyde Prestowitz will discuss these issues. Mr. Prestowitz is founder and President of the   Economic Strategy Institute. His leadership has propelled ESI into an…

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Commentary | December 2016

By Affinity | Jan 25, 2017

Market Review for 4th Quarter 2016 While the market’s gain was generated entirely after the November elections, there were other factors that helped drive the market higher. In the fourth quarter, markets appeared to be buoyed by an improved outlook for real GDP growth and rising corporate profits. Estimates for real economic growth for the…

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